Illinois Drug Charges Attorney

A Strong Defense Against Drug Charges in Chicago and the Surrounding Suburban Areas

The Illinois legislature and law enforcement community are very serious about drug offenses. If you are facing drug charges in Illinois, it is imperative to retain the services of an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will work diligently to protect your rights and your future.

If convicted of drug charges you could be sent to prison, forced to pay thousands of dollars in fines, and left with a permanent criminal record. If you were arrested with a substantial amount of marijuana or schedule I or II "hard drugs," such as heroin, ecstasy or cocaine, your sentence will be even more severe.

The government may even initiate a criminal forfeiture action against you to seize any property or assets believed to have been acquired with proceeds from illegal drug activity.

At The Law Offices of Steven R. Roach, we have the experience, skill and resources to fight drug charges. We will carefully scrutinize the actions of arresting officers to determine if they had a probable cause to conduct a search and determine whether they followed proper police procedures at all times. We will also expose unreliable informants.

Rest assured, we will conduct a comprehensive investigation and prepare a compelling defense.

Before you agree to talk to prosecutors, contact one of our three convenient locations: Chicago at 312-421-8820; Schaumburg at 847-685-6000; Wheaton at 630-573-8500.  You are also welcome to contact us online . We provide a free confidential consultation.

Arrested for Drug Possession

At The Law Offices of Steven R. Roach, we aggressively defend clients facing a variety of drug charges, including:

  • Drug possession
  • Drug trafficking/manufacturing/distribution
  • Intent to deliver/delivery of controlled substances
  • All drug types: cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana, Meth, narcotics, controlled substances and prescription drugs

Fighting the Evidence Against You

Drug charges are frequently based on evidence that was seized pursuant to a search warrant. If the search warrant was issued without probable cause, you may be able to exclude evidence that was obtained as a result.

In addition, drug charges are sometimes based on the testimony of witnesses who have questionable motives. Some of these witnesses may have given false statements to the police because they themselves are guilty of a drug crime and are seeking a lesser penalty. In some cases, confidential informants with lengthy criminal records may be the chief witness for the prosecution.

As a law office that practices exclusively in criminal defense, we know how to effectively handle drug possession and drug trafficking charges. If you have been arrested on a drug charge and need experienced, aggressive legal representation, we strongly encourage you to contact us.

Free Consultations - Call Drug Possession Attorney Steven R. Roach

Our office also represents juveniles facing charges for drug possession or selling drugs. We understand the juvenile court system and what needs to be done to convince judges and case workers to give a young person a second chance.

To schedule a free consultation with a dedicated Chicago-area criminal defense attorney, call one of our three convenient locations: Chicago at 312-421-8820; Schaumburg at 847-685-6000; Wheaton at 630-573-8500.  You can also contact Steven R. Roach online .