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When you are given probation, you must follow the court's specific terms and conditions of your sentence. Probation is an alternative to jail or prison confinement, but you are still under the jurisdiction of the court. When you violate any of the terms or conditions of your probation sentence, you risk the court removing your probation and sentencing you to a state prison.

Probation violation charges must be handled delicately. The state does not have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you violated probation. The state only has to show there is a preponderance of evidence — or enough evidence — of your violation.

Were you late paying a court fine or fee? Did you fail to complete community service? Did you not complete substance abuse treatment? Did you get arrested for a new offense and now you face a probation violation? Call us today in Chicago at 312-421-8820, Schaumburg at 847-685-6000, or our Wheaton office at 630-573-8500. We can help protect your rights and future.

Evaluating Your Compliance

Schaumburg probation violation attorney  Steven R. Roach has handled 1,000 criminal trials in his career as both as a former criminal prosecutor and current criminal defense attorney. His in-depth experience with probation sentencing guidelines helps him to evaluate your compliance. He can discuss your probation terms and conditions and provide aggressive criminal defense for allegations that you willingly failed to:

  • Comply with the terms of your probation
  • Pay fines, fees or court costs
  • Complete treatment programs
  • Pay restitution

Additionally, being arrested for violating any criminal statute in any jurisdiction is an automatic probation violation. We can evaluate the facts of your arrest and provide aggressive defense strategies to help protect your rights.

Minimizing Your Consequences

At Steven R. Roach, we have a track record for helping clients resolve probation violation issues. We can request a conference with the prosecutor to have the violations withdrawn or resolved. Our goal is to keep you out of prison and protect your future.

Free Confidential Consultation

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