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Do you believe law enforcement is targeting you because of the nature of your work? Law enforcement cannot pursue charges just because you have chosen to work in the adult entertainment industry. The law is on your side. But, police officers are not focused on your best interests. Do not risk putting your personal life and profession in jeopardy. Obtain experienced legal representation, if you are under police investigation.

Defending Your Rights At All Costs in Chicago and All Surrounding Suburbs

At The Law Offices of Steven R. Roach, we are committed to representing business owners, patrons and adult entertainers facing criminal charges. We believe the government does not have a right to limit your ability to make a living. Everyone is entitled to a strong defense. But, not everyone can deliver a strong defense.

The right lawyer will have the skills, tenacity and legal resources to protect your rights at all costs. This has been attorney Steven R. Roach's focus for years. He is an experienced Schaumburg adult entertainment defense lawyer prepared to make the prosecution prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Contact us at one of our three convenient locations: Chicago at 312-421-8820; Schaumburg at 847-685-6000; Wheaton at 630-573-8500. , to learn how he can protect your rights during a free consultation.

Handling All Types of Adult Entertainment Criminal Charges

For decades, the adult entertainment industry has been considered an underground profession. Police officers have been known to pursue charges against strip club owners, adult entertainers and patrons, even without enough evidence to prove a sex crime occurred. Defense attorney Steven R. Roach is a former prosecutor who knows firsthand the rights you are entitled to.

Before focusing on criminal defense, he prosecuted individuals suspected of committing sex crimes. He knows firsthand how prosecutors think and the steps they take when pursuing criminal charges. Steve Roach will put the prosecution on the defense for accusing you or a patron of committing serious allegations such as:

  • Rape and sexual assault
  • G-string violations
  • Illegal touching
  • Alcohol violations
  • Code violations
  • Obscenity
  • Prostitution
  • Escorting
  • Escort agency arrests

Every sex crime charge is fact-specific. Attorney R. Roach will conduct a thorough investigation to uncover any weaknesses in the evidence obtained against you. Any surveillance records, text messages or witness testimony could be used as part of his defense. If law enforcement used a sting operation, he may be able to pursue a defense around entrapment. Steve Roach will not hesitate to fight for a dismissal based on any evidence illegally obtained. He will also seek to uncover any evidence that could be used in your favor.

Negotiating for a Reduction in Charges or Penalties

Based on his years of experience, Steve Roach knows when to fight for a dismissal or negotiate for a reduction in charges. He will advocate for the charges to be dismissed based on a lack of evidence. He will also not hesitate to work with law enforcement early in the investigative process to show your business was not connected to the illegal activity and should not be put at jeopardy. You can feel confident knowing he will take every measure possible to protect your rights and your livelihood.

Contact a Chicago Sexually Oriented Business Violation Defense Lawyer

The adult entertainment industry should not be wrongfully targeted of criminal activity. If you or your business is facing criminal charges, do not delay. Contact us online or call one of our three convenient locations: Chicago at 312-421-8820; Schaumburg at 847-685-6000; Wheaton at 630-573-8500. We offer free initial consultations and travel throughout the greater Chicago area to consult with our clients, including office, business, and jail visits.